The Whisky Does

Your love don’t leave a good taste in my mouth but whiskey does

And on Friday your love don’t go 2 for 1 but whiskey does

Oh when your loves gone I cant go out and buy another one

But when this bottle’s empty who’s got more where that came from?


The whiskey does The whiskey does

I’ve done everything that I’ve done because

The whiskey does The whiskey does

Sometimes I don’t know who it is I really love but The whiskey does

Talking about you with my mother doesn’t help but the whiskey does

And you’ll never understand that night I fell but The whiskey does

You say no one wants to see me cry or hear me sing the blues

This time girl you’re wrong, honey, have I got news for you 


Oh you don’t understand those other girls you don’t wanna give this another whirl in a world that just sees oysters who sees pearls?

The whiskey does