Jesus Never Took the Wheel

I’m gonna get as drunk as this beer lets me

I’m gonna get as high as a guitar squeal

I’m gonna get as far as this gas gets me

Cause I let go but Jesus never took the wheel

All my friends got one foot in the grave

And to get there they beg and they borrow and steal

Crawling on their knees for what they crave

Yeah they let go but Jesus never took the wheel


It’s never a waste when we get wasted

There’s never a time that we aint spent

We’re libel to chase what don’t need  chasin’

We aint broke we’re just bent

I’m out on the road with these four heathens 

And I know they got my back when the deal goes down

When you ask me what it is that I believe  in

Well I believe I’ll have one more round


It’s hard not to feel a bit deceived 

When everyone is swearin that their god is real

I’ve asked and asked and asked and never received

Yeah I let go but Jesus never took the wheel

Angels & Ambulances



You pray for angels and I’ll call for ambulances and we’ll be saved and vindicated when they arrive

You thank the lord above and I’ll thank my lucky stars and we’ll live together side by side

I know you think that I’m wrong and you know you’re right

And we both have our reasons to keep our minds locked up tight

It’s ok that you believe the words the ancient prophets wrote

Just be careful not to drown me in whatever floats your boat


I know you mean well and you’re afraid of Hell

And I know you think you’re only trying to save me from myself

But try to see that some of us sheep are destined to be goats

And careful not to drown me in whatever floats your boat

Shallow Lake


He and the Mrs. Shoved off near Misery Bay

Sailed around Presque Isle and out into the open lake

That’s when he introduced his wife   to the gun that would take her life

He said “sorry baby ”, pulled that trigger, and he tied her tight


How much weight does it take? God damn that shallow lake

He could have lived anywhere but no he lived here

I place can look big until you’re hiding bodies. Now there’s no denying

Even this lake ain't great enough to make her disappear 

He told the police the story like he’d rehearsed 

Like the weather on the lake it changed quick from bad to worse

When she floated up in Chadwick Bay 

And ruined a fisherman’s day

The gun was hid under his mattress  like dirty magazine


Now his alibi is thinner than November ice

He pleading not guilty but he’s hoping that his cellmate’s nice

He’s gonna rot in jail forever 

with just one thing to remember

Erie keeps her secrets like a teenage girl


All Hat, No Cattle


Look at all them d bags in diesel trucks

Out there clogging all them suburbs up

I think they’re making up for something that they lack

Just look at them truck nuts hanging off the back

You got your chrome tips and your mossy oak trim

The only thing you ever haul is your rachet ass girlfriend

Mommy bought you a diesel just to hear it rattle

You’re all hat and no cattle

Those brand new work boots aint never worked

And I bet that carhart aint never seen the dirt

Your belt buckle’s probably bigger than your penis

You’re about as country as Jason Aldean is

Got that Nickelback country writing your script

You better put another dip in that dipshit lip

Your ass aint never smelled like saddle

You’re all hat and no cattle

Long Line of Fighters

I don’t struggle with the bottle it works for me every time

I’m gonna work on(out) all my issues as soon as I get time

You say that you love me but so need me to change

That’s just one more thing that I can’t understand these days


I come from a long line of fighters Fists up and ready to brawl

A long line of fighters wonder if they ever got tired of it all, wonder if they ever got tired

My Papa was a boxer on the LST 655

He had a left hand hit you like a truck hard as any man alive

But my Naney(grandma) didn’t like the violence she put her foot down and said you’re through

I guess grandma was a bit of a fighter too


You know you can’t change me

And I know I can’t change you

Remember back in the day when neither of us wanted to


The Whisky Does


Your love don’t leave a good taste in my mouth but whiskey does

And on Friday your love don’t go 2 for 1 but whiskey does

Oh when your loves gone I cant go out and buy another one

But when this bottle’s empty who’s got more where that came from?


The whiskey does The whiskey does

I’ve done everything that I’ve done because

The whiskey does The whiskey does

Sometimes I don’t know who it is I really love but The whiskey does

Talking about you with my mother doesn’t help but the whiskey does

And you’ll never understand that night I fell but The whiskey does

You say no one wants to see me cry or hear me sing the blues

This time girl you’re wrong, honey, have I got news for you 


Oh you don’t understand those other girls you don’t wanna give this another whirl in a world that just sees oysters who sees pearls?

The whiskey does


turn over for Side B