Trouble in Getting Home

She said, This town ain’t even got a Micky Ds, this town just way too little for me can’t even steal a kiss without ‘em makin a fuss this town can eat my dust

She said, There’s a whole wide world out there waiting for me, there’s a big bad world I’m needin to see, I’m meant for much more than campfires and beer. I can’t be stickin ‘round here.


Well I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get back from Solla Sollew however long it takes for you to realize that the grass is always greener where you fertilize

And I’ve  been layin down the good shit here at home waiting so patiently til you see that your Solla Sollew is right here with me.

She got to the city it was big as could be, she was a pretty little fish in a big old sea, the sharks teeth were sharper than they were back home, and she felt all kinds of alone

So she called me up on the telephone said hey Uncle Ben what’s been happenin’ home? I said girl you know nothing ever happens on Pleasure street, she said that sounds so good to me.


Come home, baby come home

Cause now I got a big bat and baby you can trust:

Our troubles are gonna have trouble with us   

Come home​