The Old Apple Tree

Well the old apple tree in the orchard it lives in my memory 

It reminds me of my pappy he was handsome young and happy  

when he planted the old apple tree 

Chorus: Say Goodbye say goodbye say goodbye oh say goodbye to the old apple tree if my pappy had have know’d it he never would have grow’d it for he died in the old apple tree 

Well one night pappy took widow Norton out on a jamboree 

When he brought her home at sun up brother Norton raised his gun up 

And he chased pappy up in the tree 


When the neighbors came after my pappy up in a tree was he 

So they took a rope and strung him by the neck and then they hung him 

From a branch of the old apple tree 


Now my poor pappy lies in the orchard 

He’s out of his misery 

They put the apples in a basket chopped the tree down for a casket 

Now my poor pappy’s gone with the tree