Shallow Lake

He and the Mrs. Shoved off near Misery Bay

Sailed around Presque Isle and out into the open lake

That’s when he introduced his wife   to the gun that would take her life

He said “sorry baby ”, pulled that trigger, and he tied her tight


How much weight does it take? God damn that shallow lake

He could have lived anywhere but no he lived here

I place can look big until you’re hiding bodies. Now there’s no denying

Even this lake aint great enough to make her disappear 

He told the police the story like he’d rehearsed 

Like the weather on the lake it changed quick from bad to worse

When she floated up in Chadwick Bay 

And ruined a fisherman’s day

The gun was hid under his mattress  like dirty magazine


Now his alibi is thinner than November ice

He pleading not guilty but he’s hoping that his cellmate’s nice

He’s gonna rot in jail forever 

with just one thing to remember

Erie keeps her secrets like a teenage girl