Okay With Fighting

I’m ok with fightin it’s just the way I’s raised

But I’ve been doin more than my share of fightin these days

And I’ve been known to see my limits and “lines in the sand”

Clearly in my rear view mirror every now and then

So you can talk till your face matches those beautiful blue eyes

But I can save you a bucket of time girl, cause I won’t change my mind

Cause this thing I do is who I am, and frankly girl I don’t give a damn

If this puts a monkey wrench in your plans, you married a music man


Do you need me to tell you that I’m ok

Do you need me to lie to you when you ask for honesty

Do you need me to break for you so you got something to fix

I got good news for you, I’m as broke as it gets

Tall trees ain’t  fallin down, somehow I woke up alive

I got bruises to prove the boozes work again last night

I wrote 16 songs and what did I get

Another day older and deeper in debt

Sweet mama don’t you call me cause I can’t come home

I owe my soul to this rock n roll show