"The Session at Tone Hill"


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A first collaboration with Sean Patrick McGraw.  5 songs about growing up in and around South Buffalo, playing hockey and remembering those strong men and women who laid the road before us:

1. Burning the Band House Down

2. Different Kind of Smoke

3. Watch the World Go By

4. Cleaning Out the Glovebox

5.  Boys From Versailles


"The Things That Bring You Back"


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Released on October 19 2018, the third album is filled with 13 tracks telling the stories of the people and places that surround UBR.

Track listing:

1. Jesus Never Took the Wheel

2. Angels & Ambulances

3. Shallow Lake

4. All Hat, No Cattle

5. Long Line of Fighters

6. The Whisky Does

7. Jazz Cigarette

8. Lie Here & Lose

9. Light Up A Room

10. Bent Outta Shape

11. Ain't A Lotta Water

12. O. S. B.

13. Black Jacket


"Not Far From the Tree"


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UBR's 2nd Album consists of 11 songs from and about the people  and places the boys have lived, worked and played. 

Track Listing:

  1. Fire in the Field
  2. Money
  3. Cut My Losses
  4. These Beds
  5. The Old Apple Tree
  6. Bootlegger
  7. Black Rock
  8. Nothing to Wait For
  9. Too Dumb
  10. Zoar Valley
  11. Cats


"Yesterday's Clothes"


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UBR's 1st effort, including 6 songs and 2 rants by the infamous "Squirrel."

Track listing:

  1. Pedal to the Metal
  2. Okay with Fighting
  3. Trouble in Getting Home
  4. 'Shine is Delicious
  5. Little Devils
  6. Squirrel
  7. Drinking Man
  8. Here's To You

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