LongLine of Fighters

I don’t struggle with the bottle it works for me every time

I’m gonna work on(out) all my issues as soon as I get time

You say that you love me but so need me to change

That’s just one more thing that I can’t understand these days


I come from a long line of fighters Fists up and ready to brawl

A long line of fighters wonder if they ever got tired of it all, wonder if they ever got tired

My Papa was a boxer on the LST 655

He had a left hand hit you like a truck hard as any man alive

But my Naney(grandma) didn’t like the violence she put her foot down and said you’re through

I guess grandma was a bit of a fighter too


You know you can’t change me

And I know I can’t change you

Remember back in the day when neither of us wanted to