Little Devils

​My friend Squirrel lived up on a hill

He had endless ways to satisfy his will

He found room in his garage to build a still

He asked all the old men round and he read the books

And started keeping company with crooks

Soon old Squirrel’s still began to cook


Oh it’s hard not to see it as a mistake

That the Lord would leave us in charge of our fate

Lookin In the shine it becomes clear

There’re little devils in here

Soon the shine it fell behind demand

Old squirrel needed him an extra pair of hands

Welcome to the story, Mr Deputy Franze

An old  police car with a trunk of shine

And sawed off Deer Slayers by their sides

Two blind hillbillies  plum out their minds


Every man must reap just what he sows

Now the wife and kids they live with gramma Rose

Ol Squirrel wakes up in yesterday’s clothes