Here's to You

I drank Gibson’s with a splash of Coke in Northern Ontario

I drank Straight Bourbon Whiskey in the great state of Kentucky

I sipped Manhattans on an island between New Jersey and Queens

I drank wine from the grapes of the Finger Lakes I drank a Genny on the Genesee


Here’s to you and here’s to me may we never disagree

And if we do to Hell with you here’s to me

I got the Best of Milwaukee drank Extra Gold in a Golden town

I drank 33 shots of Rolling Rock but I couldn’t keep ‘em down

I put my brain in a Hurricane while I watched New Orleans sink

And I can’t see when I’m in Tennessee so I’m really not sure what I drank


Mas cerveza en Mexico in Brussels Stella Artois

J'ai bu tout le vin à Coopeville  bier in der Hofbrauhaus

I drank Red Stripe mon in the Lion’s Den outside of Montego Bay

Screamed Viva Saprissa Futbol pura vida San Jose