Fire in the Field

Go get yer boots we’re going up back 

Gonna find our way where there ain’t no tracks 

Pull up a stump get yer guitar out 

There’s a fire in the field tonight. 

There’s a fire in the field and you all know what that means 

The time is right again tonight to live inside our dreams 

See the good old boys and girls sucking hope through aluminum cans 

We’re all high and hiding where we can 

Don’t need no book for these faces we leave the tweeting up to the birds 

And if we got something to say we open our mouth and use our words 

There’s something about the way the fire dances on your face 

It just carries this hillbilly away 

We’re living by the seat of our pants taking every chance to just get out there and dance 

Whoa everything’s gonna be alright, I think I can see the light, there’s a fire in the field tonight